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GMPP Eligibility for a GM under Factory Warranty

Ineligible Vehicles

Ineligible Vehicles

www.vadengmpp.com offers coverage to a wide variety of new and used vehicles provided they meet GMs underwriting criteria. We reserve the right to reject coverage to any vehicle not meeting our underwriting criteria or not passing an inspection (if necessary).

We can not offer coverage to the following:

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As a new car dealer, Vaden Automotive is authorized to sell GM Service Contracts by the General Motors Protection Plan (GMPP).

This GM Extended Warranty Web Site is intended solely for the purpose of providing general information with respect to GM vehicle service contracts (GMPP) aka GM extended warranties. You must refer to the actual GMPP vehicle service contract to obtain specific information about definitions; terms and conditions; coverages; benefits; claim instructions; exclusions; and special state requirements. See our Privacy Policy, Terms and GM Extended Warranty Disclosure. Some State restrictions apply to plans sold in Alaska, California, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Oregon and Washington, as they may be prohibited for sale.